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Evolutionary Developmental Biology

-The Deep Origins of the Vertebrate Body Plan -

Course number : 01:447:480 Topics in Molecular Genetics

Class location : SEC-212

Meeting times : Tuesday and Friday, 12pm-1:20pm, Spring

Course Description : Evolutionary origins of the vertebrate body plan are major problems in biology. While paleontology and comparative anatomy have revealed the evolutionary trajectories of organs, molecular biology is becoming a powerful tool to answer classical problems. The goal of this course is providing knowledge of comparative anatomy, developmental biology, genomics, and genetics, which are integrated to answer evolutionary questions. The recent contribution of state-of-the-art genomics into evolutionary developmental biology will be particularly highlighted during the course. The training to discover and answer scientific problems in organismal diversity will be performed at the American Museum of Natural History.  Any questions should be directed to Tetsuya Nakamura <>.